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William Sharp (1803-1875) British

William Sharp (1803-1875) British

Dutton & Wentworth, Boston, Massachusetts, 1854
“Victoria Regia” or “The Great Waterlily of America”.
Chromolithograph plate, large format.
27 ½”h, x 34”w (with frame).
Over-all in excellent condition, framed and matted.
Provenance: Collection of Thomas and Whitney Armstrong, New York.
“The Great Waterlily of America”, was printed and published by Dutton & Wentworth, Boston, 1854 and was one of six plates by William Sharp for John Fiske Allen’s (British, 1785-1865) work on the “Victoria Regia” (Victoria Amazonica). These bold, lavish plates are widely held to be the first chromolithographs produced in America.

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