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Profile Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Profile Portrait of Abraham Lincoln


Victor David Brenner (1871-1924)
Stamped with foundry mark (identified as S. Klaber and Company) and signed “copyright 1907 by V.D. Brenner”.
Cast Bronze, mounted on the original marble
Condition: Excellent condition, retains the original rich-color patination, minor wear.
Provenance: From a Wilmington, Delaware family.
This classic bronze plaque is derived from the immortal design of the “Lincoln Penny” created by Victor David Brenner. This example is a strong impression and is also desirable for it’s state of preservation.

Dimensions: 9 ½” h., 7” w. (plaque); 10 ¾”h., 8 ½” w. (marble)

Item ID: DA-SO 038

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