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Ship Diorama “Dean Richmond”

Ship Diorama “Dean Richmond”

American, probably New York, ca. 1875-1885.
Carved and painted pine, painted plaster sea
The paddlebox is inscribed with ornamental lettering Dean Richmond.
Condition: Excellent, untouched, original condition.
The half model is set into a shadow box with a walnut frame and gilt liner having a blue painted sky, with smoke and a few clouds, and with multiple decks and railings. Painted in red, white, and blue.  The Dean Richmond was built by the People’s Line in 1865 to provide service up the Hudson going between New York City and Albany. She was 348 feet in length, and shared common characteristics with Hudson River side-wheelers-boilers on the guards aft the wheels, with stacks abreast. According to George W. Hilton, in The Night Boat (Berkeley, California: Howell-North Books 1967, p. 119-127), the Dean Richmond lasted long enough to be the best depicted of the side-wheelers on the People’s Line in the late 19th century.

Dimensions: 13 3/4"h x 21"w

Item ID: FA-SO 041

Price: $8750

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