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Regency Over-Mantle Mirror

Regency Over-Mantle Mirror

English, ca. 1820-1830.
Pine, gesso, gilt, looking glass.
Condition: Minor restoration to gesso, gilt and paint.
See full condition report.
This rare carved and gilt dolphin head over-mantle mirror with serpent-form bodies flank the cascading waterfall motifs. The quality of the carving and gesso work is further embellished by the two-toned silvering, gilt and painted surface. The symmetrical design of the serpents’ heads and well-proportioned flowing tails make the scale and size of the mirror quite desirable. The exceptional form and design is further complimented with a central deep carved shell in an imposing size.

Dimensions: 43 ½”h x 32 ½”w

Item ID: F-C/E-M 104

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