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Rare Monumental Free-Blown Case-Gin Bottle


Possibly American, mid-18th c. Collection of Albert and “Billy” Steidel, Virginia.
A rare survivor in a massive size, nearing three gallons is a “case bottle” form having the slightest inward taper and short neck with a rolled mouth. The base has a wide blowpipe pontil scar.
Literature: Van den Bossche, “American Glass Bottles”, p. 131, pl. 83, fig. 2. The present example is almost a full three inches shorter than the bottle pictured by Willy, though it weighs a heftier 4250 grams (as compared to the 4000 gr. Weight of the pictured bottle). This suggests it was blown of a much heavier metal and/or blown much thicker, traits not usually associated with Continental manufacture. This behemoth bottle seems quite possibly a product of an early Colonial-era American factory, though without testing it seems unlikely to know which for certain. Catalogue notes prepared by Jeffrey Evans.

Dimensions: 18 ½” h., 6 ¼” sq. (base)

Item ID: DA-GLSS 321

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