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Rare Maple Sugaring Ladle

Eastern woodlands, Native American, ca. 1790-1810
Burl ash wood
Condition: Over-all in great condition, early riveted piece of tine on the shaft of the handle, used as a reinforcement not a repair. Retains thin coat of finish, wonderful old mellow color.
Provenance: Private collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The ladle is hand carved from a single piece of ash wood and has a slightly bowed handle with a circular bowl for ladling. The Indians used sugaring as their primary source for sugar and was considered an ancient craft.
For a similar example see: “North American Burl Treen” by Steven Powers, Pl. 9/30 a/b, pg. 181.


Dimensions: 38 1/2" l., 12" dia. (bowl), 5" d.

Item ID: FA-TREEN 366

Price: $4850

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