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Rare Large Early Banner Weathervane

Rare Large Early Banner Weathervane


Possibly by Fiske & Co., New York
Ca. 1850-1865.
Full-body copper, center post wrapped over iron
Condition: Excellent, virtually in untouched condition with an exceptional verdigris surface.
Provenance: Private collection, Pennsylvania; Fred Giampetro, New Haven, Connecticut.
This rare banner weathervane has, as seen from the wonderful sense of balance and artistic design, curvi-linear lines in the body of the piece. The construction method of making a full-body banner is difficult and more commonly found with earlier examples. This example was most likely made prior to the full-scale manufacturing period and is among one of the finest examples for its form, scale, symmetry, and exceptional condition.

Dimensions: 40”h x 58”w x 8”d

Item ID: FA-WV 218

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