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Rare Chippendale Tray Top Tea Table

Attributed to Robert Harrold (active 1765-1792)
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, ca. 1765-1775
Mahogany, mahogany veneers; secondary woods, maple frame, pine cleet and blocks of a later date.
Condition: Over-all in fine original condition. Minor repairs to pierced brackets, one replaced bracket. Addition of glue blocks and supports.

This rare Chippendale tea table has been identified among a group of pieces associated with the cabinet shop of Robert Harrold. Most examples attributed to Harrold share the feature of mahogany veneer on maple rails. The other signature feature are the carved, pierced brackets, they appear on both known kettlestands and tea tables from Harrold’s workshop. As a British-trained craftsman Harrold had a dramatic impact on the tastes of the mercantile aristocracy of Portsmouth and consequently the work of his competitors.

Dimensions: 25 1/2"h X 34 1/2"w X 21 1/2"d

Item ID: F-T-TT 034

Price: $14000

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