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Rare Articulated Figure

Rare Articulated Figure


French, ca. 1850.
Condition: Excellent, original peg and sphere joints intact.
Mannequins as these were used by artists as drawing models. These figures underscore the study of drawing as a combination of geometric objects. Each part can be reduced to cylinders, circles etcetera. Furthermore, it gives guidelines for achieving the perfect proportions, also known as the Golden ratio. As an object, it’s strikingly charming with an abstract feeling to it. The face is delicately carved and worry lines on its forehead. The patina is attractive and consistent with age. This piece stands out for its beautifully carved face, hands, and feet and skillfully executed details in the ears, torso, and muscles.

Dimensions: 16"h x 4.5" w (at shoulders) x 2" d (at head)

Item ID: DA-ACC 084

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