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Quill Weathervane

Quill Weathervane


Ca. 1875-1890
Sheet copper, copper tubing
Condition: Wonderful condition, one minor indentation. Retains the original gold leaf, now oxidized with some verdigris.
These fashionable quill weathervanes have wonderful clean lines and simple forms, yet are so graphic. The quill pen was traditionally created from large birds of flight like geese and swans and was the writing instrument of choice from 800 to 1830. Even in modern time, quill pen instruments are favored in calligraphy because of their sharp and flexible stroke that’s not matched even by modern steel pens.
The quill has come to symbolize writing and is often attached to the motto “The pen is mightier than the sword” meaning, a good writer is more effective than violence as it can persuade the opinion of many both in the present and future.
This is an exceptional example for its scale and untouched condition.

Dimensions: 23" h. 36" l.,

Item ID: FA-WV 217

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