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Portrait of General Washington at the Battle of Trenton

Portrait of General Washington at the Battle of Trenton


Artist Unidentified
American School, painted after John Trumbull, ca. 1840-1850.
Oil on canvas
41′ x 34″ framed
Excellent condition, lined on original stretcher, minor touch-ups.
The original version was painted in Philadelphia by John Trumbull in the year of 1792, for the city of Charleston, South Carolina. It now hangs in the Trumbull Gallery at Yale University. This picture was intended to preserve the military character of the great original; but the citizens of Charleston being desirous of seeing him rather in this civil character, such as they had recently seen him in his visit to that city, another picture, was, with the consent of the President, begun and finished, which now hangs in some public building in Charleston; this was also finished, and with his approval, retained in the hands of the artist, who had formerly been his aide-du-camp

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 364

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