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Portrait of Charles Fitch and Sister

Attributed to Joseph Goodhue Chandler
Unsigned, ca. 1835-1840
Oil on canvas, in a period gilt frame.
Over-all in great condition, minor scattered in-paint on right side of board edge.
Descended through the Fitch family. Charles Fitch (1808-1844) was originally from Hampton, Connecticut. He was ordained as a minister in the Congregational church in Abington, CT., later residing in Hartford. He was a strong opponent to slavery as revealed by a pamphlet he produced entitled, Slaveholding Weighed in the Balance of Truth, and its Comparative Guilt Illustrated.

Joseph Chandler was born on a small farm in South Hadley, Massachusetts in 1813. He studied painting in Albany, New York between 1827-1832 and became an itinerant painter. Most of his known paintings date from 1837-1852 as he travelled the Connecticut River Valley, particularly in northwestern Massachusetts. Recognized primarily for his portraits, Joseph Chandler also painted still life and landscape.


Dimensions: 45 ½” x 34”, 55 ¼” x 43” with frame

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 614

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