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Leaping Stag

Leaping Stag


Possibly by A.L. Jewell & Company (1852-1867)
Waltham, Massachusetts, ca. 1860-1865.
Full-body copper, copper tubing, iron
Condition: Over-all great condition, showing traces of the original yellow sizing and gilt with some later gilt.
Early examples of leaping stag weathervanes by Jewel are rare. The most reminiscent attribute for a Jewel, as is seen here, is the rounded snout and simple light impressions found on the body. Jewel was known for offering less expensive weathervanes, hence the lack of details seen on their works. Today they are best known for their graceful forms and the influence they made on the burgeoning market in the earlier years.

Dimensions: 33 3/4" h., 35" w., 4 3/4" d.

Item ID: FA-WV 216

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