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Joseph B. Smith (1798-1876)  Lived/active: New York and New Jersey

Joseph B. Smith (1798-1876) Lived/active: New York and New Jersey

Welcome R. Beebee, Portrait of a Schooner
Unsigned, ca. 1860-1865.
Oil on canvas.
26” x 40”, 34 ¼” x 48 ½” with frame.
Fine condition, lined, minor scattered in-painting in areas of the sky.
Provenance: Samuel L. Lowe Jr., Antiques, Inc., Boston: Private Collection, New York.
The Ship was built in 1860, Belleville, New Jersey, Port of New York and listed with “New Line” operating between New York and Charleston, South Carolina. As an accomplished marine painter, Joseph Smith remained in New York City most of his life, however, not much is known about his life. He exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association and his work can be viewed at major museums, such as the Peabody Museum.

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 655

Price: $18500

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