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John Williamson (1826-1885) American, active New York

John Williamson (1826-1885) American, active New York

Forest Scene
Inscribed on front: “Marbletown, JW”and verso: “Marbletown, Ulster Co., New York, JW”
ca. 1860-1865
Oil on canvas
30″ x 26″ framed
Condition: Excellent, in the original period carved and gilt frame.(see full condition report).
A native of Glasgow, Scotland, John Williamson moved to America in 1831 at the age of five. He lived in Brooklyn where he resided for much of his life. William studied at the Brooklyn Institute and later in his career he helped found the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
By 1850 the artist was exhibiting at the National Academy of Design. Williamson also exhibited at the American Art Union and various public and private venues in Washington, New York – the city and upstate – and Boston. In 1861 Williamson earned election as an Associate of the National Academy of Design.
This lovely painting of trees in a forest with its’ detailed depiction of tree bark, moss and leaves was inspired by John Ruskin’s Pre-Raphaelite philosophy of fidelity to nature which captivated American artists in the late 1850’s and 1860’s. It may also be a subtle illusion to America’s unfolding political tragedy; the Civil War.
The fine gold leaf period frame found on this painting dates to the 1860’s. The subtle sand-cast leaf pattern and the acanthus leaf outer molding are exquisite.

Dimensions: WoA-AMP-OC 456W

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