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Portrait of Lucy Marshall
John Grout (Mid 19th c.) and Ruth Whittier Shute (1803-1882)

Portrait of Lucy Marshall

John Grout (Mid 19th century) and Ruth Whittier Shute (1803-1882)
American School, probably painted in Vermont, ca. 1833-1834.
Oil on canvas, in original painted cove-molded frame
36” x 30 1/2” framed
Condition: Found in untouched original condition. Recently the canvas was re-tacked and strip-lined to the original stretcher and cleaned.
See full condition report from Tom Yost conservation.
Affixed to the back of the frame are remnants of labels pertaining to the family history of this portrait. Along with written notes and research provided by Mrs. Herbert Ashley Durfee, Jr. who was researching for the Smithsonian’s inventory of American portrait painting, she has concluded that the portrait of Lucy Marshall was painted by the combined hands of Grout and Shute both of which painted other portraits of the family during this time. The sitter of this portrait, Lucy Marshall, is the daughter of Mrs. Lecter Buck who married Paul Marshall after the death of her husband, Isaac Buck. The label on the verso of the frame identifies his name. Lucy Marshall married Albert Griffen. Other portraits of the Marshall-Griffen family were also painted by Ruth Whittier Shute and John H. Grout and it is believed by the family that this portrait was painted as a part of the group. This portrait has descended through the family to the present day.


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