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James L. Dick (1834-1868) Lived/active: New York City

Leap Frog.
Signed and dated (l.r.); J.L. Dick, 1866 (title on verso).
Oil on canvas.
14” x 13”, 20” x 17 ¾” with frame.
Condition: Great condition, lined, few scattered spots of in-painting.
Provenance: Bland Gallery, New York; David David Inc., Philadelphia; Sotheby’s, 2017; Private Collection, Ohio.
James Dick was the son of the famed and celebrated engraver A.L. Dick which manifested his love for art at a young age. James died at the age of 34 leaving us with only a small body of work. Leap Frog is among one of his best-known paintings and exemplifies his talents as an accomplished and talented artist.

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 619

Price: $8800

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