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Indian Chief
Indian Chief

Indian Chief

American, second half of the 19th century
Concrete with fine aggregates, plaster, traces of polychrome paint.
Condition: Fine condition, minor imperfections and loss to paint.
Structurally sound and intact.
Provenance: Private Collection, New York State.
Most likely made as a maquette or scale model for a larger piece of sculpture. To avoid incurring the cost of a full-scale model, artists often made these scale models or “rough drafts” to visualize and test shapes, forms and colors. Maquettes were most commonly used for large commissioned pieces, especially monumental public sculptures. Therefore, it is likely that this example of an Indian Chief was a scale model for a larger commissioned piece.

Dimensions: 51”h x 21”w x 13” d

Item ID: FA-SCLP/ORN 311

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