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Index Horse
Index Horse

Index Horse


Index Horse Weathervane
Attributed to J. Howard & Company, Bridgewater Massachusetts
Ca. 1860-1875.
Molded copper, cast zinc, wrought iron base bar.
Condition: There are traces of yellow sizing paint and gilt surface, now worn and showing an oxidized surface from natural weathering. Complete with the original supporting bar at the base with one strap underneath the hoof restored. There is one bullet hole through the tail.
These horses were among the earlier forms manufactured by J. Howard & Company, the only manufacturers who did not offer a catalogue promoting their products, which may be why fewer of them exist today. This horse has a most successful and well-defined form. It is one of the best examples we have seen in terms of quality, form, condition and surface.

Dimensions: 19 1/4"h x 24"l ; 20 1/4"h w/stand

Item ID: FA-WV 044

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