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Index Horse Weathervane
Index Horse Weathervane

Index Horse Weathervane


Attributed to: J. Howard and Co., Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Ca. 1865-1875.
Cast zinc, sheet copper in full body for hindquarters, cast iron.
Condition: Traces of painted surfaces and gilt, now showing a modelled oxidized surface.  Minor re-soldering to seam separations along front right hoof and back left hoof where they meet the bar, re-soldering along the seam of the right ear, one bullet hole in the main body repaired, otherwise in fine condition.
Provenance: Collection of Frank Miele; Sotheby’s; Private Collection, Chicago.
This distinct form of a trotting horse was primarily manufactured by J. Howard who was among one of the first companies producing weathervanes on a large scale. The company is known for their use of casting zinc with such sensitivity to detail.



Dimensions: 19 1/4"h x 24"l x 3"d

Item ID: FA-WV 106

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