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Horse Weathervane
Horse Weathervane

Horse Weathervane

Rochester Iron Works
Rochester, New Hampshire, ca. 1850-1875
Cast Iron
This imposing size in a full figure form was sometimes referred to as a “Formal Horse” by the manufacturer. The Rochester Iron Works Company was known for casting their weathervanes in iron instead of copper and perhaps the only company to do so. Even though they were heavier the weight was counter-balanced well enough for them to change direction. This example is in virtually untouched condition with a wonderful pitted, weathered surface. The sculptural beauty of these Rochester Horses is
adored by collectors.
Condition: Virtually untouched condition with some pitting and natural wear to the surface.

Dimensions: 26"h x 39"l x 6"d x 8 x 20" base

Item ID: FA-WV 147

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