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George Clare English, 1835-1900

George Clare English, 1835-1900


Still Life of Primroses, Bird’s Nest and Mossy Bank
Signed  (l.r.): George Clare
Oil on canvas
10 x 12 ¾ inches (framed)

Still Life of Apples, Plums and Berries against a Mossy Bank
Signed: (l.r.): George Clare
Oil on canvas
10″ x 12 ¾” framed

George Clare was the patriarch of a family of artists known for their still
life paintings and part of the English School of Bird Nest Painters.
This genre was pioneered by the Pre-Raphaelite painter William Henry Hunt. At the time when these “bird’s nest” still lifes became popular, fascination with natural history and botany abounded in England and John Ruskin promulgated his philosophy of truth to nature. Although George Clare resided in Hertfordshire for most of his life, he did spend a number of years in Birmingham. He was father of three sons, David, Oliver and Vincent. The younger two, Oliver and Vincent, also became still life painters. George enjoyed great success and exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and at the Royal Society of British Artists.

Item ID: WoA-C/E-OC 345

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