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Eagle Hitching Post
Eagle Hitching Post

Eagle Hitching Post

Ca. 1880
Marked on bottom flange: PHILA.
Location of foundry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cast iron, white paint
Condition: Fine condition, customary wear, later white paint.
Identical example illustrated: Treasury of American Design.
In the “horse-and-buggy” days, hitching posts were a necessity. Over the years, simple wooden posts evolved into wrought iron, followed by cast iron posts produced by foundries. Stores distinguished themselves by placing beautifully designed hitching posts outside their premises; the fancier the design, the more reputable the establishment. Horse head figures were ubiquitous; jockeys were nearly as common. The rare eagle head motif exemplified by this piece was a departure from the equestrian theme. The patriotic eagle motif makes it more desirable to collectors.

Dimensions: 63”h x 12”w x 10”d

Item ID: DA/SCLP/ORN 045

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