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Double-Sided Trade Sign, “T. Claffy, Tailor”
Double-Sided Trade Sign,

Double-Sided Trade Sign, “T. Claffy, Tailor”


American, probably, Pennsylvania, ca. 1835-1850.
Painted pine, gilt and paint lettering, wrought iron hangers.
This rare advertising trade sign has hinged glazed panels on both sides, enclosing hand-colored lithographs for S.A. and A.F. Ward, No 62 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
It is a fascinating expression of the dramatic forces at work in mid-19th century America. The green outer portion of the sign is handcrafted and the lettering is individualistic; an authentic expression of folk art vernacular. This traditional form of advertising is juxtaposed with the inset hand-colored lithograph representing the standardization and industrialization of commerce in America.

Clients could see the large, legible name of the tailor from a distance and then, once up close, see that this tailor was able to create a wide range of clothing including business, domestic and sporting attire from the latest patterns from the well-known Philadelphia pattern firm of Samuel A. Ward and his brother Asahel F. Ward.

Dimensions: 32 1/4"h x 36 1/4"w x 3 1/4"d

Item ID: FA-TRDSGN 259

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