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“Dexter” Running Horse Weathervane

“Dexter” Running Horse Weathervane


Cushing & White
Waltham, Massachusetts, ca. 1867-1872
Identified with the original maker’s label affixed to the supporting bar.
Full-body copper, copper tubing, cast zinc ears
Condition: Over-all in fine condition. Retaining traces of an early gilt surface, minor imperfections.
Dexter was one of the most famous trotters of the nineteenth century. Although he only raced for four years, from 1864 to 1867, he broke all existing records and became a national hero. Known as “The King of the Turf,” he was also a particularly handsome horse with a powerful gait and a determined manner, running with head down and muscles straining as seen in this piece. A seal on the crossbar identifies this piece as the work of Cushing and White, successors to A.L. Jewell & Co. In 1872, the name of the company changed to L.W. Cushing & Sons, one of the best-known shops until 1933.

Dimensions: 12 1/2" h., 25" l.

Item ID: FA-WV 209

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