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Cow Weathervane
Cow Weathervane

Cow Weathervane

Attributed to E.G. Washburne.
New England, ca. 1880-1890.
Full body copper, copper tubing, cast zinc head.
Excellent condition, wonderful oxidized surface with traces of an early white paint, glass eyes.
Provenance: Directly from a dairy farm in Roxbury, CT. According to the origianl family owners, the weathervane was erected on the barn in 1889.
The full-body form of this cow weathervane is well defined and shows in detail the likeness of a real cow. We seldomly aquire weathervanes with one ownership provenances, making this example more desirable among collectors.

Dimensions: 16 3/4" h x 28" l x 7 1/2" d

Item ID: FA-WV 155

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