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Charles Hart (1862-1960) Gloucester, MA


Rare Large Adélie Penguin
Gloucester, Massachusetts, ca. 1935
Carved wood, painted black and white
Great condition, original paint (some rubbing) minor imperfections

Charles Hart was a stone contractor and mason, He was also known as a carver of fine duck decoys. Careful wing carving and detailed painting characterize Hart’s work. He specialized in just a few species, including black ducks, Canada geese, goldeneyes and mallards.

Hart also had a passion for penguins which he carved in different sizes. The Adélie and Emperor penguins were his primary subjects. In the 1930s, when the country was fascinated by the explorations in Antarctica, Hart was soon selling his birds to stores in Boston.

The characteristic applied wings, feet and lead eyes are all elements which define Hart’s penguins. This rare large Adélie is a wonderful example of his work.

Dimensions: 21”h, 8 ¾’ x 8 ¾” (base)

Item ID: FA-SO 069

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