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Carved Horse with Leather Saddle

Carved Horse with Leather Saddle


American, artist unidentified
Second half of the 19th c.
Carved from a single block of wood, leather saddle and bridle.
Condition: Left ear repaired along grain line (old re-gluing with filled nail holes). Some shrinkage cracks, one at the front ankle, otherwise in excellent condition. Retains a beautiful undisturbed varnish finish.
Provenance: Dubrow Collection, N.Y.; Ray Holland Collection, PA;
Grievo Collection.

This rare and unique large scale model of a horse is finely executed and carved by a skilled craftsman who had great knowledge of horses anatomy. Muscular horses of this size were referred to as “War Horses” during the Civil War period. It is fair to assume this carved model is commemorating a famous horse.

Dimensions: 31"h x 38"l

Item ID: FA-WDCRVG 324

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