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Bostwick Family Bull Weathervane
Bostwick Family Bull Weathervane

Bostwick Family Bull Weathervane


Bostwick Family Bull Weathervane with directionals.  Attributed to  A.B. & W.T. Westervelt, New York, New York.  Ca 1883.  Full body copper and traces of gold-leaf gilding.  Illustrated: A.B. & W.T. Westervelt Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Copper Weathervanes, Banneretts and Finials.  Cat. No. 6, 1883, p. 21.  Provenance:  Stonewall Acres Farm, Northville, New Milford, CT.  Weathervane probably acquired by Steven and Cora Buckingham Beach; then by descent to Florence and Ray Bostwick to Geraldine and Raymond Bostwick.  The Bull Weathervane was removed from the barn and remained in the possession of the Bostwick children until 2008.  The Bostwick children are direct descendants of John Bostwick II, who settled New Milford, CT in 1708.  The Bull Weathervane has an unbroken line of ownership dating back well over a century.  Originally placed atop the cow barn, which was built in 1836, it remained through successive generations of family ownership until it was removed and given to the Bostwick children in the 1970’s.  The Bull Weathervane is attributed to the Westervelt Weathervane Firm of 109 Chambers Street, New York.  It is in original condition and has a magnificent weathered patina.  It truly is a unique and impressive example of Americana.

Dimensions: 18"h x 31"l x 6"d 67 1/2"h x 32"l on base

Item ID: FA-WV 055

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