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Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Bouquet of Flowers and a Cat

Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Bouquet of Flowers and a Cat

Artist Unidentified
American, probably New York, ca. 1830-1845.
Oil on canvas, original mahogany veneer frame
28”h x 24”w; 38” x 33 ¾” framed
Condition: In a remarkable state of preservation (see full condition report).
Provenance: Mildred E. Oyler, Perry County, Pennsylvania
Schwartz Gallery, Philadelphia
Private Collection, Connecticut
This charming folk portrait has many appealing attributes; the juxtaposition of the arms, one holding a colorful bouquet of flowers, the other holding a cat on her lap; the color of the blue dress and the painted floor. The most notable features of this artist seen here closely resemble the work of Joseph Whiting Stock. Although the application of the paint is quite different from Stock’s paintings, this portrait could be mistaken for his work. It is fair to assume that both artists lived and worked in close proximity at some point in their careers.

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 506

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