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Antler Desk

United Kingdom, probably Ireland or Scotland
Ca. 1875
Label on verso: Nat Ross, Furniture Depositories, Cork
Oak, antler horn, roebuck antlers, boar’s teeth, linden secondary wood
Condition: Fine condition, minor imperfections and a few shrinkage cracks, some losses of teeth.
This antler desk was most likely made for a hunting lodge. It is finely crafted with great attention to the architectural form and proportions of the piece while further embellished with carved horn and applied teeth. The upper portion of the desk is fitted with a central compartment having a drawer flanked by shelves resting on top of the desk surface. The lower section has gallery rails (made of antler) with carved dogs heads above a row of three drawers supported and antler form legs.

Dimensions: 64"h x 48"w x 30"d

Item ID: F-CP-D 013

Price: $35000

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