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A Rare Large Garden Urn with Serpent-Form Handles


Probably American, maker unknown
Second half of the 19th century
Cast zinc, sheet zinc, iron straps (interior)
Condition: Over-all in great condition, interior frame restored, exceptional oxidized surface
In an imposing size, this ornately cast urn is made of zinc and assembled in sections; supported by a network of interior iron straps secured with screws and soldering. The construction method and material are somewhat unique and labor intensive for garden urns but are period to the 19th century. The exceptional quality to the cast handles and symmetry of the form makes this garden urn desirable and pleasing to the eye.

Dimensions: 45”h x 45”w (at handles), 31 ½" diameter (urn), 17 ½" x 17 ½" (base)

Item ID: DA-SO 049

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