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Ferdinand Brader (1833-1901) Lived/active: Ohio

Ferdinand Brader (1833-1901) Lived/active: Ohio

Residence of Adam and Caroline Waltz Mapleton Stark Co. O.
Signed: FA Brader 740 (l.r.)
Ca. 1875
Graphite pencil on paper
Condition: Over-all toning to paper, oxidation from original backboards, now conserved with an acid-free mat.
Brader is primarily known for his large scale, detailed views of farms and family residence done in graphite pencil. This drawing has survived in remarkable condition and is one of the finer examples known. Brader started numbering his drawings in Pennsylvania (the first 300) and continued in Ohio where the highest known number is 950. His works are in collections of the Chicago Institute, The Canton Museum of Art, The McKinley Museum of Canton, Ohio, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dimensions: 35 3/4" x 46 1/2" sight size; 47" x 58 1/2" framed

Item ID: WoA-WoP-GP 001

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