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Signed: HD
Signed: HD

Signed: HD

Signed: HD
Carved marble.
Condition: Fine condition, some natural wear and oxidation.
This example is one among a group of carved stone pieces initialed HD discovered on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Most of the examples known have some biblical references or iconography but are whimsical in their design and representation.
Although little is known about HD as a sculptor, the known works are true examples of 20th century folk art. Most works have a biblical or allegorical context, but they are not contrived or derived from traditional religious artworks. Rather, HD uses these images in a novel way according to his own fresh, whimsical vision. The central female figure seated below a heart and rays from the sun is flanked by winged angels above columns with ivy vines with tree below. The lamb at the base is flanked by initials HD and 1932. The form and the scale of the piece along with the iconography may resemble a gravestone, yet the top is carved out and it bears no name except for the artist initials and date. We conclude it to be another whimsical example of the artist’s work, reflecting characteristic creative use of material and form.

Dimensions: 35”h x 18 ½”w x 7”d

Item ID: FA-SCLP/ORN 310

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